Balloon Drum Music #35

I’ve made a number of changes over the past few weeks to the code that creates the music files. Many involved fixing bugs. Some of them were associated with the slides, others with varying the duration of some sections probobalistically. There are four paths through the model, and making sure the timing is accurate in each is important. You wouldn’t want the bass flute playing the verse when the balloon drums were on the bridge, for example. I also spent some time making sure that if a part repeated a section, the second time through would be quieter than the first. And the tempo of the trills was off, due to the duration of the notes being longer than they should be. I was adding 10% to each notes duration, and that messed up the timing of the trills. What was supposed to finish 8 ups and downs in the space of a half note, would actually not finish before the note should have ended.

I have some other enhancements I want to work on, but I think I have to leave this piece and move to another.
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