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This is a playlist of some new versions of the twelve dance pieces for Prent’s Microtonal Slide Bosendorfers that I’ve been working on through 2017 & the start of 2018. In honor of the RPM challenge, I’ve redone all of them in the month of February. Actually, I redid them all today, February 27th, but the spirit is there, if the mechanics are vague. The language doesn’t say you can’t spend a year composing the songs that you intend to perform during the month of February, so that’s what I’ve done the last two times: compose all year, then produce realizations using my software during the month of February. All are based on classical piano works retuned or transformed on some major level from their original. Those at the end of the list were done first, and they have the most major transformations. Many stroll through their pieces using the Drunkard’s Walk Markov Chain, going forward or backward through the measures.

[html5mp3 id=8]

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