Games #1

This is a work in process. Today’s entry is a new song in the Second of July series using the Adams 12 non-equal tuning. This one uses a mode with a seriously neutral third. It has kind of a funeral vibe. The ratios of the six notes in the mode are:

1:1 12:11 27:22 15:11 3:2 18:11

Note the 27/22 third. In my 72-EDO tuning, that is 21 steps above the root, compared to a normal just major third ratio (5:4) at 23 steps, and a typical 6:5 minor third at 19. So it’s just two 72-EDO steps above minor, and two steps below major. Definitely funereal.

I’m working on a melody that can be played in unison by several instruments. But each can choose either a straight version of the simple melody, or one with trills, or one that slides from note to note. Each instrument picks one of the three, and there is a high likelihood that each will pick a different one. This way I end up with a mix of the three difference versions by the cello, violin, finger piano, and baritone guitar.

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