Shews #15

This is a piece scored for baritone guitars, finger pianos, flutes, and vibraphone. It uses a 12 note scale taken from 72-EDO.

Each instrument has a very wide variety of phrases it can play at any given moment, including the option to play another instrument’s phrase in unison. There are a wide variety of ways I can move from one mode to another, and back again. Some of the sliding is within the scale, some is from one mode of the scale to the next, or the previous. The length of the piece depends on some of the paths through the chosen phrases, but almost all take about four minutes. The tempo varies from slow to fast and back to very slow at the end. The rhythm is mostly two against three.

There is no particular melody, just triademonium in the hexads:

  • D+sub E+sub
  • B-neu C_sub
  • A_min B-neu
  • C_maj D_neu
  • D_min E_min
  • D+sub E+sub
  • F+sup A_min
  • D+sub E+sub

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Or download here: Shews.

Published by

Prent Rodgers

Musician seduced into capitalism.