In a Landscape #2

I adjusted the tuning for this version. Instead of being based on A (5:3) Utonality, I switched to D (9:8) Utonality. Now, the Bb is 16:15 to A, instead of 12:11. I originally chose A utonality because I “liked” the Bb, but now that I’ve switched to the D Utonality, it’s much more in line with what I think the composer would have chosen. The original version in A is here.

Degree Name Ratio to A
1 A 1:1
2 Bb 16:15
3 C 32:27 (22 cents flatter than the normal minor 3rd: 6:5
4 D 4:3
5 E 32:21 (27 cents sharper than the normal 5th: 3:2, but this note is only used a few times in the piece
6 F 8:5
7 G 16:9
9 B 8:7


or download here:
In a Landscape #2

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