The woods so wilde by Orlando Gibbons

This is a piece from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book volume 1 song XL arranged by Orlando Gibbons. The origin of the piece is obscure. William Byrd also did a version. I was looking back at my earliest Csound pieces and found one from 1996 that was this piece by Gibbons arranged in 53-EDO.

The version presented here is from the 31-limit tonality diamond, with three scales. It starts in F major, derived from the Bb (16:9) otonality. It then moves to G major, derived from the C (1:1) otonality, and includes a stop in C major, derived from the F (4:3) otonality. These modes have a nice 4:3 relative to the root of the chord, as well as a perfect 7:4. Gibbons includes several variations, but I don’t care for them. I haven’t decided how I will do my variations.

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The woods so wilde

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