Radiant Red #1

This is a work in progress. For the next set of pieces, I’m going back to the Partch Tonality Diamond, approximated by 72-EDO. The advantage of an equal temperament with a just scale is that all the intervals are reduced to a defined set of intervals, in this case multiples of the ratio 1.009673533 or 2^(1/72) which is the 72EDO step. This make it possible to mass produce trills, slides, and other ornamentation with a relatively small number of alternatives. I have 72 upward glissando, and 72 downward ones, and the same with trills. Now, if I want to go up by a 4/3, I just have to know that it’s about 30 72-EDO steps, and call &glv+30. and there I am. Of course, it also makes transpositions easier, but I don’t know if I’ll get to those.
15-limit Diamond approximated in 72-EDO

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