Slow Avalanche #8

Slow AvalancheHere is a final version of the piece. Now scored for French horn, tuba, tenor trombone, alto flute, flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon. It’s a Markov Chain Drunkard’s Walk through the tonality diamond. The randomizer is free to chose any chord, but only if it adjacent to the current chord. Like a drunk who can go left or right, but not stay in place and not move more than one step at a time. I exercise control by selecting a list whose elements flow from one to another and sound intelligent. Here are the choices for the chords:

.chor-x-01 &Cnmajx.
.chor-x-02 &Abmajx.
.chor-x-03 &Fnmajx.
.chor-x-04 &D+majx.
.chor-x-05 &A+majx.
.chor-x-06 &F+majx.
.chor-x-07 &E-majx.
.chor-x-08 &Dbmajx.
.chor-x-09 &Fnminx.
.chor-x-10 &A-minx.
.chor-x-11 &Cnminx.
.chor-x-12 &D+minx.
.chor-x-13 &Gnminx.
.chor-x-14 &B-minx.
.chor-x-15 &Dbminx.
.chor-x-16 &Ebminx.

The preprocessor has a choice to either stay for several measures on the same chord, or change chord each measure. The Chorus stays in place for eight measures. The bridge changes every measure. Here is what was chosen in this run through the randomizer.

Chorus Db-min
Bridge Gn-min D+-min Cn-min D+-min
chorus Gn-min
bridge Gn-min D+-min Cn-min
chorus D+-min
bridge Cn-min A--min Cn-min D+-min
chorus Gn-min
bridge D+-min Gn-min D+-min Cn-min
chorus A--min
bridge Fn-min A--min Cn-min D+-min
chorus Cn-min
bridge A--min Fn-min Db-Maj Fn-min
chorus A--min
bridge Fn-min A--min Fn-min Db-Maj
chorus Fn-min
bridge Db-Maj Fn-min A--min

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Slow Avalanche #8

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Prent Rodgers

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