Windstorm/Snowfall #2

I’ve added some new instruments to make some more variety. The piece is now scored for French Horn, Alto Flute, Trombone, Tuba, Finger Piano (2 kinds), Marimba, Baritone Guitar, and Balloon Drum. The Finger Pianos, Baritone Guitar, and Balloon Drum samples are my own, the rest came from the McGill University Master Samples. The slides are added using Csound. Lots of slides.

Here are the instrument definitions. Every time one plays, the pre-processor chooses loudness, stereo location, audio envelope, chance of actually playing or being silent, a “z” factor that displaces a few milliseconds in time, the randomness algorithm, and the octave.

.frnh c2a0u0&wind-vel*.&sid*.&wind-env*.&frnh-ran*.g0&horn-z*.&all-pva.&ver-oct*.
.alto c3a0u0&wind-vel*.&sid*.&wind-env*.v+9&alto-ran*.g0&horn-z*.&all-pva.&alt-oct*.
.trom c4a0u0&wind-vel*.&sid*.&wind-env*.&trom-ran*.g0&horn-z*.&all-pva.&ver-oct*.o-1
.bass c5a0u0&wind-vel*.v+10&sid*.&wind-env*.&bass-ran*.g0&horn-z*.&all-pva.&bass-oct*.
.finb c7a0u0&fin-vel*.&sid*.&arp-env*.&finb-ran*.g0&arp-z*.&all-pva.&fnb-oct*.
.mari c8a0u0&fin-vel*.&sid*.&arp-env*.&mari-ran*.g0&arp-z*.&all-pva.&arp-oct*.
.guit c9a0u0&gui-vel*.&sid*.&arp-env*.&guit-ran*.g0&arp-z*.&all-pva.&gui-oct*.
.fing c10a0u0&fin-vel*.&sid*.&arp-env*.&fing-ran*.g0&arp-z*.&all-pva.&arp-oct*.
.bal1 c13a0u0&ball-vel*.&sid*.&ball-env*.&bal1-ran*.g0&ball-z*.&all-pva.

There is extensive use of the Drunkard’s Walk, and more will follow soon as I extend the piece out over time. Imagine a drunk walking on a snowy walkway with ice under the snow and wind gusts. We had 18″ at Snoqualmie Pass in the last 24 hours. That’s almost an inch an hour.

Or download here: Windstorm/Snowfall.

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