I’m just noodling around with a 15 limit tonality diamond in 72-EDO. In most traditional classical music there is a heavy reliance on the circle of fifths to build towards a satisfying conclusion. In the tonality diamond, I find the same sense of inevitability in the circle of utonality or otonolity.

Here we go down the diamond from the C Major in the center to the lower right with otonality on each of the following:
C Major, Ab Major, F Major, D+ Major, A+ Major, F+ Major, E- Major back to C Major.
Then we go up the diamond from the F Minor in the center to the upper right, with utonality on each of the following:
F minor, A- Minor, C Minor, D+ Minor, G Minor, Db Minor, Eb Minor back to C Major.

&Cnmajx.&all-ver48. &all-ver48. &all-ver48. &all-ver48. &vel.d48d*4
&Abmajx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&Fnmajx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&D+majx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&A+majx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&F+majx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&E-majx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&Cnmajx.&all-ver48. &all-ver48. &all-ver48. &all-ver48. &vel.d48d*4
&Fnminx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&A-minx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&Cnminx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&D+minx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&Gnminx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&Dbminx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&Ebminx.&all-ver48. &vel.d48
&Cnmajx.&all-ver48. &all-ver48. &all-ver48. &all-ver48. &vel.d48d*4

Or download here: Windstorm/Snowfall.

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